About Carry It Like Harry

Welcome to Carry It Like Harry.

I am Harry. This blog is about the little inspirations I find in life that add moments of joy andย satisfaction. For me, that’s happiness.

It’s about the little and big things that make people happy, like going on a journey, tasting new food, or making something with your own hands. It’s about taking care of yourself, feeling good about your health, your body and the way you dress.

Join me on my journey, of self discovery and adventures. Being true to myself is being true to others.

On my blog – Carry It Like Harry -, I write about my travels, because those are the knowledge that exceeds a thousand books.

Food is another of my passion. I try to taste new food, and at the same time, write down the things that are passed down to me by my parents, my grandparents, and their parents.

A modern gentleman should not be afraid to look good. Looking good is very much about respect. It’s respect for yourself, and the people you love.

Carry It Like Harry is about loving life

What I would love most from you, is your ideas about life, and the things that make you feel happy. Happiness is a skill, I was told, and sharing that skill of happiness is a primordial lesson of life.

Hope to hear from you soon,


Carry It Like Harry