Less than half an hour’s drive from Lindos lies the village of Asklipio, where one of the most impressive castles were built by the Knights Hospitaller who ruled the island of Rhodes from 1310 until 1522.

Built in 1479 by Grand Master D’Aubusson on the site of an ancient lighthouse, the Castle of Asklipio still commands one of the best views on Rhodes.

One can easily see why such a huge fortress was built here on this very spot, to defend the island against the Muslims.

The ruins are today freely open to the public, although the walls are looking quite perilous.

The Castle of Asklipio had rectangular bulwarks and two massive towers, and was only accessible via a narrow gate through its southeast tower.

You can tell it had two levels, with holes in the walls meant for horizontal beams. In the middle of the castle is the access down to the two water cisterns.

Please be very careful when visiting the Castle of Asklipio. But any sophisticated gentleman is open to such enriching adventures!

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