It’s minus 7 degree celsius over here in Europe right now! Thankfully, I have my trusty real down jacket from UNIQLO.

For those who know me, you’ll know I am a huge UNIQLO fan.

The Japanese brand produces the most amazing Heattech winter underwear, and this jacket is their shining glory in winter outwear. I’m now wearing the silver version, although they are available in more than 6 colours. I think silver goes well with blue jeans.

Weighing less than 300g, you can easily pack your jacket into a bag which comes with it. Great for travelling from warm to cold countries and vice versa.

Here I have a woollen jumper underneath and an undershirt, and it’s already enough to face the sub-zero temperatures. It’s because they use more than 90% down and that really keeps the cold out.

Tempted to get one? I think you should! For more information, head to the UNIQLO website: