If you’ve had Korean table barbecue before, you’d appreciate how beautifully marinated the meat is and how the whole experience is a joyful, convivial family event. But if you haven’t tried KyungBokKung, then you cannot say that you have learnt to appreciate the finer aspects of the Korean grill experience.

Located in the basement of the Centermark Hotel, KyungBokKung is THE place to bring that snobbish mother-in-law to, or your future husband or wife the week before you propose. The whole set-up is nothing short of stylish and classy. Every meal is served to every group of guests in a private, closed-door traditional cabin, where elegantly dressed waitresses wait by the door outside and where you are being served with the highest level of dining etiquette.

In short, this is Korean haute cuisine, and possibly classier than the over-rated Michelin crap in France.

When you take the Hanu rib eye course, which you should, you will be served with the best beef in the country grilled for you by beautiful slim women, right in front of you, plus other delicately-prepared and presented courses such as:

  • Radish kimchi soup
  • Spinach rice congee
  • First grade sashimi
  • Garden fresh side salad
  • Gourmet springrolls with seafood
  • Sweet pear to clear your palate
  • Korean chive and golden mushroom salad
  • Prawn and octopus salad
  • Chapchae Korean glass noodles

We were also served a special species of wild garlic, found only on the peaks of the Seoraksan mountains (설악산; 雪岳山). These were briefly grilled to preserve their garlicky aroma.

One word about the Korean beef served here: Hanwoo 한우 韓牛 is Korea’s native cattle. It is a hybrid between cattle and zebu and its taste is nothing short of being exquisite. It is naturally marbled, and some have called it a Korean version of the Japanese wagyu beef. I find this comparison unfair, as the species and marbling are quite different. Hanwoo is so highly prized by Koreans, that people here offer them as gift for birthdays or new year. Hanwoo is the reason you are paying a lot for this dining experience, apart from the royal class service.

Make your reservation in advance before you arrive in Seoul. Enjoy the ultimate fine-dining barbecue experience, and possibly the best beef you’d ever have eaten!



Kyung Bok Kung Korean Grill Dining 경복궁 종로점
Centermark Hotel B1, 38, Street-5 Insa-Dong, Jungno-gu, Seoul, South Korea
종로구 인사동5길 38센터마크호텔 B1
Tel: +82 2-722-7713