Like many men, I wear a suit to work everyday. However, it doesn’t mean that suits have to be boring. There are ways in which suits can be made interesting, like suits of unconventional colours. But depending on your work environment, colourful suits may not be acceptable everywhere. For me, I like to stick to more masculine colours. But it’s a personal preference.

I like shorter suits and tighter Italian cuts. I also like to make my suits more interesting by ensuring a huge contrast between the suit colour, and the colours of my tie and my shirt. For light grey to grey suits like the one I am wearing here, I like to wear light coloured shirts to create that contrast, such as white, light blue, light lilac, or blue. The tie’s colour has to be in harmony with the shirt you’re wearing, and of a darker hue than your shirt. Younger men tend to like skinny ties, like myself. But this could be perceived as informal by bosses or clients, so I tend to vary tie widths according to whom I was going to meet.

What about you? What sort of shirt and tie combinations do you like to wear with your suits?