A classy gentlemen’s bar right in the middle of the street is not something you would expect to find in the modern city of Rhodes. Yet this makes The Last Butler all the more extraordinary, especially under the cool, late-summer evening sky on this southern Aegean Greek paradise, compared to something similar you’d find easily in London or Tokyo.

The Nostalgic ’20s

Opened in 2015, The Last Butler offers a tasting and visual experience that brings you back to the 1920s, when forbidden pleasures were unleashed and illicit deals were made behind closed doors and dim lights, and when roving gangs roamed the streets like packs of wolves, and when men and women stood by the bar to look for company that went no further than the next dawn.

At The Last Butler, their drinks are playful, creative, suggestive and entertaining.

What I really appreciate about The Last Butler is not just the retro interior, with its classic lampshades, leather sofas and pipe-smoking clientele, but also its dedicated DJ who plays with your moods by sending tunes from the soulful French oldies to chillaxing modern jazz into the cool night air.

This is the one place that any sophisticated, discerning gentleman should not miss, if he is ever in Rhodes!

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