Athens, just like other Mediterranean cities, is filled with great restaurants. Yet the best may not be the most expensive or the busiest. Most of the time, the best restaurants are the holes in the wall, frequented only by locals. Atlantikos just happens to be one such restaurant.

Why is Atlantikos a good Greek seafood restaurant?

The Greeks understand their seafood. You don’t need a good recipe to bring the taste out of fresh seafood, you just need fresh seafood. This is why the Greeks only prepare their fresh seafood in two ways: deep-fried or grilled.

For bigger fish like sole or bream, grill is the only option.
But for smaller seafood such as shrimps, squid, herrings, anchovies and sardines, deep frying seems to be the case.

Here in Atlantikos, you get both. I would suggest trying to deep-fried mixed seafood. Why?
Because one the way they do it is so light, you won’t feel the oil seeping into the food and oozing out when you bite. It’s balanced, light and fluffy.
Two, Atlantikos is a local restaurant, it doesn’t charge exorbitant tourist prices the rest of Athens does. Food somehow tastes better when you know you’re not being ripped off.
Most importantly, it’s fresh. Fresh, fresh, fresh. So fresh it is filled with tender juices with every bite.

Carry It Like Harry - Atlantikos: The Best Place in Central Athens to Eat Seafood

I asked for salad and the waitress kindly advised me to take the broiled vegetables instead. “Very simple, very fresh. Just with olive oil and salt, you will love it,” Indeed I did.

Another advice is to take the house white wine to go with your seafood. In my experience, bottled white wine in Greece tend not be as good as French or Californian whites but the house wine is always better and surprisingly cheaper.

Getting there

It is not easy to find Atlantikos because it is in one of the small side streets in a rundown but safe neighbourhood.
Atlantikos tends to get quite busy so please book a table beforehand. Greek tends to eat late at 10pm so booking earlier at 8pm will get you a table for sure.

Atlantikos (Ατλαντικός)
Avliton 7
Psiri, Athens 10563
(Αυλητών 7, Ψυρρή, 10563)
Tel: +30 21 3033 0850