One thing that I miss about living in East Asia is their street fashion. Apart from Tokyo, Seoul and Singapore, Hong Kong is a paradise for street style, which is very unique and true-to-one-self. The most iconic Hong Kong brand is none other than Goods of Desire (GOD). They are provocative, humourous and politically aware. Don’t worry, GOD is only their acronym, there’s nothing religious about the brand and it appeals to all hedonistic and human tastes that religions try to deny our societies. When pronounced with a Cantonese accent, GOD sounds like 住好啲 which means ‘Live Better‘. Also, GOD’s catch-phrase is Delay No More – which got co-founders Douglas Young and Benjamin Lau into legal issues. This is because Delay No More sounds very much like an extremely offensive vulgarism in Cantonese. Can you guess what it is?

Anyhow, pop over to GOD’s website and choose a funky T-shirt!