Like Ialysos, Lindos was founded by the legendary King Tlepolemus of Rhodes. Located on the east of the island, Lindos rose to become an important trading post between Greeks and Phoenicians by the 8th century BC. But with the founding of Rhodes in 408 BC, Lindos gradually declined.

The modern city of Lindos is a very picturesque site with whitewashed streets and houses, not unlike those on Santorini.

Rising above the town is the Acropolis of Lindos, which was a natural fortress built successively by the island’s rulers. With so many layers of buildings and ruins, it is today impossible to excavate the acropolis and the town itself. The site was further destroyed by the poor archaeological digs and restoration under the Italian occupation from 1912 to 1945.

The Star-Studded Era in the 1950s

Today’s Lindos has lost a bit of the star quality it had in the 1950s, no thanks to mass tourism and chartered flights. Back then, Lindos was a favourite holiday haunt of the likes of Sophia Loren and Barbra Streisand. If you look at the photos on the walls of Lindos’ most famous restaurant Mavrikos, you’ll see how Hollywood stars used to treat Lindos like a second home.

The Architecture of Lindos

If you look at the houses of Lindos and wonder why the walls are so thick, it is a specifically prototypical bioclimatic architecture. Called “kamarika”, these thick walls are constructed of straw, sand and lime. Their uneven surfaces create shade and drive away the heat. The traditional Lindos houses also have skylights which let in light and helps with air circulation. The pretty pebble-mosaic floors are called “hochlakia”.

Tip: The whole of Lindos is a car-free zone. At the main entrance to the city, there is a wall fountain with spring water that flows from the hills. Drink it and you may one day return to Lindos!

How to get to Lindos

You can only get to Lindos by car, so try to get a taxi from the Rhodes airport once you arrive. There are three carparks further up the hill from the main square and they are always full due to the popularity of Lindos’ three beautiful beaches. Therefore, get there early.

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