Seoul is a great cosmopolitan city to be in: it’s full of life, energy and excitement. Koreans are such technology-conscious and fashion-conscious people: everywhere I went, everyone is connected. Seoul is the most connected city in the world, where everyone can have access to music, film, information, services at the tip of their fingertip. From the moment I took the high-speed train from Incheon Airport to the time when I left again, I was always able to access my data: one of the most fundamental needs of a modern gentleman!

What are the places you absolutely have to visit and things you defintiely have to do in Seoul? I strongly recommend:

  1. Gangnam District for Korean high fashion, notably Garosugil and Apgujeong
  2. Myeongdong District for Korean street fashion, street food and general people watching
  3. Shake your willy with the other guys in an authentic Korean bath called jjimjilbang at Silloam Hanjeungmak
  4. Taste the freshest seafood Korean style, even raw octopus at Noryangjin seafood market
  5. Eat the signature Korean dishes
  6. Visit the day market in Jegidong for the sights and the smells
  7. Visit the Meokja-golmok (Let’s Eat Alley) for lunch or snacks
  8. Visit the Gwangjiang Night Market for streetside dinners

To start, I have listed down these markets you absolutely have to visit!