I was approached by The Legends London to try out their new products, after they came across my post about “The Holy Grail for Male Asian Hair“. To be honest, I was ecstatic!

But the big question was: can they rise to the challenge?

Who are The Legends London?

The Legends London is a chain of traditional British barber shops located in Holborn and The Strand in central London. I had a look at their Youtube channel, and was properly impressed by their passion for the traditional barbering craft, their expertise in cutting, shaping and styling men’s hair. Traditional barbershops were on the brink of disappearing all across western Europe. I’m happy that dedicated professionals like The Legends London have kept the art alive – despite the tough times – and are bringing them back.

By tapping into their decades of experience and knowledge of men’s hair, The Legends London developed two styling products that I am reviewing here for you: The Legends Pomade and The Legends London Hair Gel.

What are my Male Asian Hair problems?

As mentioned in my other reviews, male Asian hair (men of Chinese, Japanese and Korean genetic origin) is the thickest of all hair types. Under a microscope, Asian hair cuticles are twice the diameter of those of Caucasian hair. Although Asian hair density (500,000 strands per person) is less than Caucasian hair density (700,000 strands per person), Asian hair appears much fuller. The thickness of the hair cuticles also makes Asian hair straight.

Also, Asian hair has various advantages – or disadvantages – depending on how you see it: Whilst Asian hair, and certainly Male Asian hair, is more resistant to damages and hair loss, it is this property that makes its growth extremely remarkable. Asian hair grows an average 15.3cm per year, or 1.3cm per month, and it has the longest growth cycle of 9 years. This means that my hair product needs to not only contain the thickness and stubbornness, but also look good on slightly longer styles.

I am really proud of my genetic heritage and am grateful that I have this thick, super-resistant, shiny straight black hair on my head!

Unfortunately, most products where I live – in Northwest Europe – do not cater to my hairtype. I have been testing and importing Japanese hair products to make it work. But it is often an investment that could have been better spent elsewhere.

What am I looking for when I use a hair styling product?

Something that can tame my stubborn Male Asian hair: I need a product that has a strong hold, great styling and molding properties. If it doesn’t hold, it ain’t good enough.

Something that suits my climate and my lifestyle: I live in a temperate, cold and humid climate. The styling product I need has to hold after light drizzle and shouldn’t disintegrate because the temperature plunges below the freezing point. On the other hand, because I lead an active lifestyle, my hair product shouldn’t lose its hold because of the sweat. It also shouldn’t stain my short collar, because it slowly melts throughout the day.

Last but not least, the product should be safe and tested. A good styling product should never lead to a dry scalp or hair follicle infection, however good it is.

My Review: The Legends London Pomade

The Legends London Pomade is a really pleasant product to use. It has an amazingly high hold, and it grips onto my hair really easily. I am able to shape my hair into a more classic look and that look is able to last a full day, without the back springing into the air like it usually does with other products.

The shine is OK. For a classic look I prefer maximum shine, but at least it is not matt. I’ve tried add more water to give it more of a wet look, but that weakens the hold.

The Legends London Pomade is quite water soluble. On the one hand, this is perfect once you reach home, you just need to rinse it out of your hair. The downside is that it also dissolves into your sweat should you be exercising or if it is a hot summer day.

The Legends London Pomade is also odourless. There is a very imperceptible scent, which does not at all interfere with my cologne.

The Good:

  • Styling: Extremely happy with it! I can easily mould my stubborn hair into a style and it just works.
  • Quantity: You only need a small amount. So a 120ml jar is able to last you for at least 6 weeks.
  • Scent: Relatively odourless.
  • Wash: It is water soluble so you can rinse it out without using shampoo.

The Bad:

  • Duration of hold: On a cold autumn day, the pomade lasted me throughout the day. But once I sweat, it quickly dissolved under the heat and moisture. I doubt the hold can last on a hot humid summer day.
  • Shine: It is not too shiny but it is not matt either. For a more retro style I prefer more shine.

My Verdict: 8/10

I am positively surprised by The Legends London Pomade. It is the first styling product that I have ever used made by real traditional barbers who use their decades of knowhow to produce such a high-quality pomade. Very impressive!

My Review: The Legends London Hair Gel

The Legends London Hair Gel is the second product I was testing. It is more fluid than the pomade and feels a lot stickier.

The Legends London Hair Gel is red in colour, and is really versatile. While the hold is less than that of the pomade, I have tried styling my hair in a more classic style and also in a more modern higher style, both worked very well with The Legends London Hair Gel.

The Legends London Hair Gel is also really shiny, which I really appreciate. Male Asian hair is by nature a shiny hair type. When there is an opportunity to show off the shine, I don’t want a product that dulls its shine. The Legends London Hair Gel keeps the wet look throughout the day, helping my dark hair glimmer throughout the day.

The Legends London Hair Gel is harder to wash out with water than The Legends London Pomade. I usually take a second shower after I come home after work, so I don’t mind shampooing out my hair. But daily use of shampoo dries out your scalp, so I tend to do it only every other day. With The Legends London Hair Gel being more or less water soluble, I am then able to keep to that routine.

The upside of the non-solubility is the hairstyle lasts throughout the day. With The Legends London Hair Gel, I no longer have an unsightly projectile hairdo dripping a sticky mixture of sweat and hair product halfway through a workout. I get the feeling this product will help me survive a hot summer day at work.

In terms of smell, The Legends London Hair Gel has a slightly more noticeable odour compared to The Legends London Pomade. It smells manly, it smells of a barbershop, and in a way, very nostalgic and masculine at the same time.

The Good:

  • Styling: My stubborn male Asian hair behaves like an obedient puppy under the powers of this amazing gel!
  • Duration of hold: This stuff even supported me throughout a hot sweaty workout!
  • Quantity: It is a hefty 220ml jar. This will last you for two months.
  • Scent: A very slight pleasantly manly smell.
  • Shine: Great shine! You can’t miss my dark hair even in the dark.

The Bad:

  • Wash: Not too water soluble. But that’s not a problem for my lifestyle.

My Verdict: 9/10

Just wow! This is the first European hair product that really suits my male Asian hair. I just couldn’t believe someone actually created something that allows me to shape and mold my hair however I want it. I should just give it a 10/10, but since I have only tested it for more than a week, I want to give myself some leeway in reviewing my review in the summer. Thank you very much, The Legends!

Where to buy The Legends London hair products?

You can buy them online or visit their stockists in your country. I’d love to visit them in London for a haircut, something which you should do as well.

*Please note that this is a sponsored review. All opinions expressed are my own, and are in no way influenced by the sponsors.