Have you ever been to a place which makes your heart skip a beat and your soul goes wildly jubilant at the sight of immense beauty? Well, if you are planning to visit Rhodes, then you should not miss the chance for this experience by witnessing the one of the most beautiful sunsets you may come across in your life, at Monolithos Μονολίθου.

The name ‘Monolithos Μονόλιθος’ means ‘single rock’ in Greek.

It refers to an isolated giant piece of rock that rises up into the sky, on the west coast of Rhodes, about one and a half hour’s drive from the old medieval city of Rhodes.

On top of the 100-metre rock lay the ruins of the Medieval Monolithos Castle, built in 1480 by the Knights Hospitaller of Saint John. The castle was never conquered. Among these ruins, there is still a functional chapel dedicated to Saint Pantaleon (Agios Panteleimon).

How to get to Monolithos Μονολίθου?

You can only get to Monolithos Μονολίθου by car. There is a very small car park at the foot of the rock, and you will have to walk up on foot. Careful, the steps are very slippery and smooth.

Be warned that there are a lot of self-absorbed Instagram biatches with their full wardrobe of cut-off jeans shorts and sad-looking tripod-boyfriend. Stay positive. Do not let them spoil your mood.

Opposite the carpark is a local café and snack bar. Support the local economy by buying food and drinks from them and paying for toilet use.

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