Thailand’s reputation as a popular tourist destination has earned itself not only the much-needed revenue, but also swamps of people who should never have been able to travel.

Not to point fingers (meaning I will be pointing fingers) at the two ex-Communist populaces – one in East Asia, the other across the top of Eurasia, and also one barely-populated big lump “down under“, the behaviour of these rude, loud, selfish, lewd, inconsiderate, dirty mass tourists have ruined it for both the host country and other more respectful visitors (also for the polite people from these same countries that I have not explicitly named).

Fortunately, there is one place out of the beaten track not far from Bangkok that respectable and respectful people go to: Huahin

Huahin only sees two types of tourists: Rich Thais and Nordic retirees.
These two groups make sure that food, hotel and entertainment cater to the tastes and prices they can pay. Thus keeping out the beer sloshing loudmouths.

Huahin has excellent beaches, a vibrant art scene and art market, superb seafood and chill vibes.

You can only reach Huahin by taking the overnight train (which also serves food) or by private buses from the Bangkok airport. Rich Thai people often have their holiday house in Huahin, so they drive directly from Bangkok. The blond Nordics you see are often from Sweden and Denmark. Those are friendly, calm, and generally very chill.