Autumn is the time when leaves turn red, then yellow. It is also the time of the hunting season when game meat becomes readily available at the butchers’.

I took part in an event organised by the Brussels Food Friends and decided to make the recipe that was put on their site.

However, I did make some modifications to the recipe to make it my own.

In case you are interested, here is the original recipe.

What I have done was to:

  • Change the pork cheek to wild boar
  • I have also added additional spices to make it more ‘Asian’: chopped spring onions, minced ginger and half a teaspoon of five-spice powder
  • I have also added a cup of vodka… in addition to the red wine (*big grin*)
  • Instead of using bread as a thickener agent, I used mashed potato powder

The result was a thick, aromatic wild boar stew that constantly assaults your sense of smell!

I have also did some modifications to the side dishes by using:

The whole idea is to use sweetness and freshness to counter the heaviness of wild boar stew. Potatoes or bread are normally served but I prefer to present a broader taste palate to the dish.

I made this dish at a lunch with friends and my husband and everyone enjoyed it! If you have never had wild boar before, you should! They work wonderfully in stews like these and they certainly make a hearty winter meal. When merged with red wine, the taste evokes a beautiful winter scene of immense cosiness by the fireplace.

I am seriously thinking of making this to please my mother-in-law.
Oh yes, don’t forget to add the dark chocolate. *Wink*

ps: My new Lecreuset Doufeu pot has a special function that retains the taste in the pot. It’s like magic. You put ice on top of the lid and that condenses the steam back into liquid and that flows back into the stew.