Steamed razor clams with sizzling garlic 香蒜蒸竹蛏

razor clams

razor clams


I first tasted this in a Xinghua restaurant in Singapore. Xinghua is an offshoot of the Min Nan language, branching off to develop on its own more than a thousand years ago. The cuisine also developed separately.

Today, this dish demonstrates how a simple dish such a steamed clam can taste so good, when a community gets isolated and creative in cooking.


  • 20 odd razor clams, live and free of sand
  • rice wine, 100ml (you can use any strong liquor such as whiskey to replace this)
  • garlic, 5 cloves, minced
  • oil, 5 tablespoonful
  • light soy sauce, 3 tablespoonful
  • salt and pepper to taste
  • garnish: coriander, spring onion, chopped


  1. Prepare your steamer: either a wok or a big pot with about 5 bowls of water and a stand for your plate, cover and bring to boil.
  2. Place your clams in your steamer plate, add rice wine, salt and pepper, light soy sauce.
  3. Heat a pan in the meantime. Pour in your oil and when it is hot, stir-fry your garlic and add a bit of salt. When it is golden brown, open your steamer (about 6 minutes into steaming) and pour over your clams.
  4. Take over plate out of your steamer. Garnish with coriander and spring onions. Serve


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Steamed razor clams with sizzling garlic 香蒜蒸竹蛏
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