I was thrilled to have found these in Belgium, as they are hardly seen even back home.

I mentioned before the large variety of tofu and one of them is the hard tofu, called tauguah in Hokkien.

While you have regular tauguah, you also have five-spiced seasoned tauguah, black tauguah and yellow tauguah. Black tauguah is slightly sweet and is white on the inside. Yellow tauguah is both coloured on the outside and the inside but tastes more or less like regular tauguah.


As with white tauguah, you can fry them in a pan and eat them with a dip sauce or use them as an alternative to meat in stir-fry dishes. I have people asking me how to do stir-frys with tofu, especially when they break easily. The answer is that soft tofu is not meant to be used for stir-frys, only tauguah is. You have to first cut them into strips, fry them in a pan and then use them as you would with meat in stir-frys.

Where to get them: These are exported by a Singaporean company called Unicurd. Contact them to find out whether they have a retailer in your country.

Benefits of eating tofu

Scientists have found correlation between the high consumption of tofu and low incidences of prostate cancer. In northeast Asia (China, Japan and Korea), soy products such as tofu and tauguah are consumed regularly and the rate of prostate cancer there is very low. This cannot be attributed to genetics: in Singapore where there is a large population of men of northeast Asian origin, the incidences of prostate cancer are as high as those of any other industrialised country. This is because the eating culture has changed and less soy products are being consumed by the men there.

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