The New Super Vegetable: Flower Sprout

The New Super Vegetable: Flower Sprout

The New Super Vegetable: Flower Sprout


  • English: Flower Sprout

The Flower Sprout is such a new vegetable, its name only exists in English and I cannot seem to find its scientific name either!


What are Flower Sprouts?

A non-genetically modified merge between the Brussels sprout and kale, the new Flower Sprout is taking over the supermarkets by storm.

It looks as dainty as its parent the Brussels sprout – like a miniature version of a cabbage – but with open frilly leaves like its other parent, the kale, with a tinge of purple.

Dubbed as the new superfood, just 100g of flower sprouts contain:

  • double the amount of vitamins B6 (for storing and using food energy) and C than Brussels sprouts
  • a generous dose of the antioxidant vitamin E

Flower sprouts were developed by the UK-based company Tozer Seeds in the late 1990s as a way of making sprouts more palatable for kids.


How do you cook flower sprouts?

As you would with Brussels sprouts, except easier.

I did a simple Chinese stir-fry with minced garlic and oyster sauce.
The result was absolutely delightful with steamed rice!

To know more about the flower sprout, visit their website: