I haven’t written a medicinal recipe for some time, so I thought I’d introduce a dish to you for the benefit of the guys. This is a very simple dish, that helps to increase the male libido.

Its main ingredient is the white rice wine 白米酒. Since ancient times, it is the basic ingredient for all herbal (or otherwise) concoctions that is aimed to promote male libido. A classic is the soaking of dried goat testicles and ‘horny goat weed’. Whether or not that actually works, I do not know, as I have not personally tried. Plus, dried testicles or that weed are not readily available in my supermarket.


If you do not mind trying, this recipe is really easy to do and tastes absolutely delicious!

*A note of caution though: Do not add ginger or soy sauce to this dish. Soy and its derivatives are known to increase estrogen production, hence enhance female features. That would be counterproductive for us. Also, although ginger is a traditional Chinese spice for all kinds of seafood dishes, you should not use them here. Ginger is known in medicinal cuisine as helping the build-up of feminine Yin energy in one’s body, what we want to do here is to build up the Yang energy.


  • 15-20 fresh prawns, shelled and veined
  • cloves of garlic, minced
  • 3 tbs vegetable oil
  • 200ml white rice wine
  • Salt and pepper to taste

Servings: Side dish for 2 persons


  1. Soak your prawns in the wine for about 1 hour, together with a dash of salt and pepper
  2. Drain and put aside
  3. Heat up your wok on high heat with the oil.
  4. Once the oil starts to smoke, stir-fry the garlic, then the prawns.
  5. Once the prawns turn orange, turn off the heat and serve immediately on a plate.

Enjoy! 😉